Do It Yourself Extractions

In my experience, most women seek a facial treatment not only for the pampering and relaxation, but also for the much needed deep cleanse of their skin. As a Skin Care Therapist, I feel that I have not given a successful skin treatment if extractions of the pores are not performed. However, it is not always easy to get those pores to cooperate. In order to achieve a good extraction session, the skin requires regular treatment at home that should include exfoliation and even light extractions, when possible. I don’t usually recommend my clients to preform their own extractions, but with the right tools and techniques, this can be safely accomplished. Follow along to learn the easy steps you need to know in order to give yourself extractions without harming your skin.

Very few tools are necessary to preform your own extractions. Of course you will need your skincare products. This should include a cleanser, scrub or exfoliating masque, treatment masque to suit your skin’s needs, toner and moisturizer. I also highly recommend purchasing a bottle of witch hazel, which you will use on your skin as an antiseptic after extractions. The special tools you will need specifically for extractions are a facial steamer such as the Conair Warm Steam/Cool Mist Facial Sauna, a box of tissues, a warm, wet facial cloth and a couple of cotton pads. If you prefer not to invest in a facial steamer, you could just use a few more wet ,warm facial cloths as a tool for relaxing and opening up your pores.

Begin your facial treatment with cleansing your skin twice with your facial cleanser. Also use this time to start your facial steamer. Follow this step with your exfoliating scrub or masque. Before removing your exfoliant, steam your skin in your facial steamer for at least ten minutes. Be sure to adjust the position of your face as necessary to ensure that all areas of your skin are being steamed. If you are using the facial cloths instead of the steamer, freshly moisten the towel with warm water and place towel on your face, leaving yourself a small breathing hole. Remove the towel when you feel it has cooled off and repeat this step once more. At the end of your steaming, remove your exfoliant with a wet, warm cloth. Pat your skin dry with a tissue. Now you are ready to start your extractions.

Stack two tissues together and fold them in half diagonally, forming a large triangle. With your pointer finger tip facing the top of the triangle, take all three tips of the tissue triangle and wrap your finger like a burrito. Do the same with your other pointer finger. Now that your fingertips are protected, you can begin extractions. Using a magnified mirror and good lighting, locate the areas of your skin that are most congested. These areas are normally your chin, on and around the nose and the forehead. Begin extracting your pores by taking your fingertips and placing them on your skin about a half inch or so apart, facing each other. Gently apply pressure using a subtle squeezing method. A good technique is to use a gentle and slow zigzag motion of your finger tips. This will help to loosen the pores and urge the dirt and debris to surface. Be sure to not pinch the skin at any point! You will only irritate the pores and possibly cause bruising or breakout. Not all pores are going to cooperate, so do not force the extraction. Move along to another area after a minute or two. You will find that over time, these extractions will become easier as your pores become more pliable. For the tougher extractions, leave the job to your Esthetician. She will be able to take care of the congestion that requires treatment with special tools or stronger product. Once your extractions are complete, soak a cotton pad with witch hazel and wipe over the extracted areas. Do not use another warm towel because at this point, you want to encourage your pores to close back up. Follow your extractions with your treatment masque, toner and moisturizer.

Just as with any facial treatment, refrain from touching your skin or applying makeup for at least an hour after the treatment. Extractions cause the pores to become very vulnerable, making your skin more prone to irritation. The best time to do your own facial treatment with extractions is at night. However, if you decide to treat yourself on your day off first thing in the morning, or when you plan to be out and about after the facial, don’t forget to apply your sunblock. Giving yourself a facial treatment and being able to perform your own extractions is very beneficial to your skin. For further tips or a more hands-on demonstration, ask your Esthetician. She should be happy to help you out because not only do you benefit from learning to properly take care of your skin, but it makes her job easier too!

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