Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Breeze Limited Edition

I have found my summer must have! When it comes to perfume, I only go for very light fragrances. I can be particularly sensitive to perfume, especially my skin. There are very few perfumes that will not cause my skin to break out in eczema. Fortunately for me, this new discovery can be added to the list of my skin and allergy-friendly fragrances. [Read more...]

Essence of the Island Tropics

While reading about Oprah’s Favorite Things 2007 on one of my favorite skincare and beauty sites, Savvy Skin, I discovered Kai’s Fragrance, a line of perfume oil and body products inspired by the uplifting and pleasurable scents of the Hawaiian Islands. Kai Fragrance originally piqued my interest because of it’s name, which happens to be the middle name that I gave to my son. But now, after reading more about the fragrance line, I am dying to try it!

Kai Fragrance was created by a woman named Gaye Straza, whose successful career started when she opened up the first ever upscale women’s boutique in Southern California. She eventually sold her boutique, but continued to manufacture the Kai Fragrance line due to it’s ever growing popularity. I am eager to become acquainted with Kai Fragrance because the line seems very simple, yet nutritious for the skin. Their body products contain excellent ingredients that are vitamin-rich and natural, such as and plant, flower and fruit extracts and essential oils. I am not surprised that this very unique line of perfume oil and body products, which encapsulates the exotic aromas of Hawaii, has developed a long list of fans, including many celebrities.

“not only do kai’s products have the most beautiful fragrance, but my skin is just the softest it’s ever been” -Minnie Driver

I can’t wait to experience Kai Fragrance for myself and become a part of the Fan Club! If you are interested in trying out Kai Fragrance too, click here to find a boutique in your town that carries Kai Fragrance, or order it online at eLuxury.com.